About Us


  • I am Ark the Catox, or Akkeresu. (ArkCatox/Catoxis)

  • I am a Mississippi native who’s lived in the area for his whole life. 

  • I graduated from USM with a B.S. of Information Technology in 2012.

  • I am CCNA/JNCIA certified, along with certs for A+, Net+, and Security+.

  • I am an amalgamation of a surfer, an IT professional, a barefoot runner and an all around geek. If it’s fun, I’ll do it.

  • I love multimedia in all of its’ forms. Books, podcasts, music, games, movies, TV shows, board/card games, etc.


  • I am a Network Engineer in the financial sector. I am always refining my craft and training to take on larger challenges.

  • I am a Geek. I love messing with networks, Android equipment, video game consoles, RC craft, and more. I’m always watching the future and paying attention to new technologies.

  • I am an Athlete. I will do everything in my power to stay moving. Dance, jump, lift, run, slide, skid, surf, and more. Depending on the season, you may see me on various boards, bikes, or different forms of footwear. 

  • I am a Furry. The world of hybridization of humans and animals has captivated me for years and consistently allows a creative outlet for me.


  • I’ve tried talking to you! Why don’t you respond?! 

  • I stay extremely busy, don’t be offended if I don’t contact you or return the favor! Email is always a preferred contact; use the form over here to get things started, or send me a message via Snouts.Online

  • How do you pronounce “Akkeresu”?

  • It’s pronounced “Ah-keh-REH-su”.

  • What does “Akkeresu” mean?

  • It’s a twist of the Japanese name “アレクサンダー" ” or Arekusanada. You can figure out what that means.


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